Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The starting of a blog

I just wanted to start one because I realized that I talk to myself a lot. So I suppose it would be a little healthier if I actually just wrote down what I normally would say to myself.

I just had a debate today that I believe went fairly well. Though I didn't particularly like the other team's second rebuttal, I don't blame them for their lack of information since we decided not to give it to them ;).

I've been thinking a lot. Recently I just found out my 16 year old brother is dating my friend. She's around my age of course and while the age may be a little bit problematic because of maturity levels, that's not the only thing I'm uncomfortable with.
  1. I cannot see my little brother dating someone who I have attended classes with.
  2. He's my little brother.
  3. If their relationship doesn't work out, I can only imagine how awkward it would be for them afterwards.
But do not worry! My brother asked me how I felt and I told him while I don't approve of it, it doesn't matter what my opinion is. Because he is old enough to make his own decision about who he wants to date and hopefully he'll learn a lot from this relationship. As long as they're happy, then I wish them the best deep inside. But I'm still seething externally about them going out. It's just something that I'll have to get use to...

Now I don't know what to say to my friend quite yet. The thing is, we're not extremely close friends but we've hanged out and can joke around but we're not quite comfortable enough to talk about deep stuff. She attempted to speak to me the other night but I was working on my debate. I'm a little bit anxious to hear what she's going to say and I can attest that I am a tad bit nervous about how I'm going to react. I'm not going to be hostile of course, but this uncertainty is killing me.

I'll make my first blog short but hopefully I'll put up designs and pictures I've been working on and hopefully more blogs!

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