Monday, March 8, 2010

So what's going on

Watching "The Bachelor" right now and Molly and Jason's wedding. I don't really care much for it but my roommate has the show on.
Major headache today. Went to two classes and then had to tread back to my apartment before I fainted.
Alright I'm going to do like a pure stream of conscious talking.
My best guy friend has started to really annoy me by making a lot of assumptions and then acting as if those assumptions were true. In which case, from those "facts" that he's conjured up, he treats me and my friend accordingly. I vented my frustration out to one of my closest friend who's actually the one he's making most of the assumptions about, but that might be because he's still enamored by her. Unrequited love turned in-denial.

How do people have time to put on make-up, do their hair and then take pictures just to show on Myspace or some other networking site. Seriously, when I was in high school, I could care less about trying to get more comments or picture views. Has this new generation gotten even more materialistic? What am I saying, of course it has. What frightens me is the usage of fake eyelashes which is widely used nowadays. I understand that due to media portrayals of females, a lot of girls feel extremely insecure with themselves. But I just don't understand how "fake" can be reigning over natural beauty.

Blah blah blah.

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